Sunday, September 24, 2017


So I had this friend...
She might've been the most irritating human being but we were very close.
She decided to have sex with one of our other friends while she was on xanax one day. I was told about the situation and the details of it almost right after it happened. She told me she would consider being friends with benefits with him and kissed him while we were at my house right in front of me (this was all after they had sex). Well, some other people found out about them having sex and some told her that she was gross for hooking up with him. This completely changed things and from then on she told people that he took advantage of her because she was on xanax, which was never the story before. This ended up turning into full on rape alligations but of course never involved the police because I personally don't believe it to be true and I was her best friend.

Why this makes her a hypocrite:
While she was accusing this guy of rape and saying no one should be friends with him because he is a rapist, she starts talking to this other guy that was accused of rape by a girl a while ago. Plus her favorite musical artist was Kodak Black, who literally just got out of jail for rape. This is just sick to me, if a person was raped and was as traumatized by it as she pretended to be than they wouldn't associate other people accused of rape in their lives. Plus they would most likely go to the police instead of trying to socially isolate them with false accusations on social media.
Well as you may have guessed this caused a big argument between me and her and I was accused of victim blaming.

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