Friday, April 24, 2015

Sincerely Yours ~ Dakota Wint poem

At this moment there are seven billion people in the world,
And some of them are deep asleep escaping reality,
And some of them are falling apart searching desperately for what only few truly find,
And some of them want to feel to know that they're still alive.
I will always remember the summer that I fell in love.
The leaves were full of life,
And the flowers were fully bloomed,
And perfume was blowing swiftly towards.
I never believed in love at first sight,
But there you were.
I will always remember the warmness in your eyes,
The smile that would light my world, and the fire inside.
The empty nights wondering if you're deep asleep
And wondering what love really is.
Love is realizing you're not perfect,
And that the world isn't perfect.
But in the midst of all the chaos, you find someone just as imperfect and just as scared as you.
It's those tired and sleepless nights after hours fighting and waking up in each other's arms like nothing happened.
I will never understand what it is inside all of us that makes us fight so hard for something that hurts so much.
Love is a bittersweet pain, a constant reminder of content sadness,
A curse we're all blessed with, it's beautiful and ugly.
You know, they say time heals everything.
And love and the heart have a habit of waiting around for something it's never going to find.
And love is the music found in a silent night,
It's the first thought in the morning.
What is it that motivates us to keep going?
Is it the same force that keeps us wishing we were somewhere in the past?
You know, it's funny that it's the little things you remember
How perfect your finger fit between theirs,
And their goofy laugh,
A kiss at every red light.
It's funny that there's 7 billion people in the world
And it's you, it's you that I will always remember and always cherish
And hold close and dear to my heart.
I know it wasn't perfect, but we gave it our best.
It might be too late to tell you all of this,
But I miss being wrapped in your arms.
I miss the feeling that there was no place else in the entire universe that I would rather be.
The feeling like I belong there.
And I find strength in the thought that you miss me too,
And that our hearts are still connected.
I like to think there's a place where all of our plans and promises we made are still alive.
And every now and then I'll close my eyes and take a walk down memory lane
And hope to see you there.
Even though you've moved away and moved on,
You'll still always be the best of me.
You taught me how to love
And you will always be my shooting star at night,
The sunrise through my blinds,
The lullaby that helps me fall asleep.
You will always be my summer,
And you will always be my love.
Sincerely yours,

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  1. You are a lovely young woman. <3 Know that. Also know that you can write. Keep it up!