Friday, April 24, 2015

Wherever you are is paradise to me ~ Dakota Wint poem

Their touch and their feel...
Finger tips... inch to inch
Things always seemed to be more lovely then.
You know, there was a time I'd hold your hand like I'd never let go?
I'm still sad that I did sometimes.
I remember when I saw you walking towards me for the first time.
You know, people always talk about butterflies, but...
I swear I could've flew away and carried the both of us.
Your pale blue eyes to match the ocean and the wave that pulled me to you.
We were both lost at sea when we found each other.
We're still lost but that's okay.
There's nowhere I'd rather be with you.
Mapping out a world of our own,
However we want it to be.
In a field of sunflowers, or maybe a coloring book world, messy and outside the lines.
Where the stars dangle by strings.
Or maybe in paradise under a setting sun.
Wherever you are is paradise to me.
You know, nothing in this world makes more sense to me, than our nonsense.
So grab my hand and take me anywhere, my love.
The world is ours for the taking.

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