Friday, April 24, 2015

You Are My Quiet Forest ~ Dakota Wint poem

I want you in the blue black of a quiet forest.
I want your quiet moon and starry eyes.
I want you in a way only a train wreck would understand.
It'll be so sad.
But sad has always been our idea of beautiful.
I want to be the paramedics that find us laying there together.
And if I lose you along the way,
I promise,
Oh my god, i promise.
I will use my afterlife to search for you desperately.
I'll come back as a firefly.
So, on a lonely summer night, when your incompleteness grows like a flower,
And you're ready to give up...
We'll find each other again.
And you won't.
I'll land gently into your hand, like I used to.
To remind you that, "Hey, the world's beautiful sometimes"
I will help you shine, and you'll hold me like the universe was made for us to have that moment.
You won't know why when it happens but...
You'll remember what's it's like to die for somebody you love.

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