Monday, August 29, 2016

She longed for the stars ~Dakota Wint poem

Part of me thinks that she lost her mind.
And another part of me thinks that maybe she found it.
She always dreamed about running away, and then one day she just left.
No phone calls to anybody, no hugs goodbye, no notes, nothing.
She longed the stars.
Lifting rocks for something more,
She made friends with trees,
And she would kiss the moon goodnight.
The irony of how she saw beauty in everything but herself.
My favorite part about the sunset is how it reminds me of her.
Everyone could see it,
She's the kind of girl that shines like the sun, and she has no idea.
The entire sky with all its stars and moons and milky white arms could do it's best to push her down but she'd still rise again the next morning just as beautiful as the day before.
I miss her.
And I hope she's smiling somewhere.
Maybe she found a cliff, overlooking deathbed rocks and ocean waves.
Ready to tell a story she never knew how to say.
But I don't know if she dove head first,
Or if she learned to fly.
But either way I hope she found it in herself to float away.

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