Monday, August 29, 2016

My favorite little seed ~Dakota Wint poem

Beautiful things are happening in the depths of your pain.
Even in the shadows of your sadness, flowers grow.
I always said that she was like a flower to me,
In more than the way that she radiates beauty into my world.
It was the way that no matter how many times the world cut her down,
She grows back, just as strong, and just as beautiful as before.
And I remember the time she told me,
"Maybe we're more like flowers than we think we are.
Just like the beauty of a flower is intended within a tiny little seed.
I think soulmates are like that.
Somehow and some way.
Us, and this moment,
It was all intended the second the universe first exploded and planted us into existence like little seeds."
I laughed and said,
"Billions of years of cosmic chaos
And it was all just for me to appreciate the way the sunset reflects into your eyes?
It all seems kind of silly, don't you think?
All these mysteries of the universe and-
You are the only thing that's ever made any sense to me.
It's you.
It's always been you.
My favorite little seed.
I like to think that maybe all those stars and galaxies and explosions up there
And I like to think its just a fireworks show
A fireworks show in celebration to those with the courage to look up
Or maybe it's just the light left on so we don't forget where home is.
Either way, when I'm feeling alone,
I look up at the stars
Because, maybe you are too."

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