Monday, August 29, 2016

Somewhere, under moonlight ~Dakota Wint poem

Somewhere, under moonlight, she dances
In her barefeet with dilated eyes and flowers in her hair.
She's the perfect combination between "Whatever" and "I don't care."
She's the kind of person that shakes you up and turns your world upside down.
It's like you're just watching her and then...
All of a sudden, you remember that you're alive.
You remember that you're alive.
And it sounds silly because you wake up everyday but...
The days that she's around...
The days that she is around are different.
There's something divine in the moments shared with a free spirit.
Days with her just seemed... slower... you know?
You feel like the moment's gonna last forever, so...
You take a look around and you notice the beauty in everything for the first time
From speckled dust floating in sunbeams to the melody of wind in dancing trees.
The world is filled with beautiful magic and she was the one who dared me to look.
Some people are artist.
And some people are art.
But, my God, she's both.
So, wherever you are, may starlight guide us to each other.
Because somewhere under that same moon,
I'm thinking about you.

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